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2012 Acura RSX – Integra

2012 Acura RSX

Serve in 1986, when the Acura notice was introduced by the Honda Motor Company, two models started it all: the sage and the Integra. Since that time several additional models have joined the Acura line up and the two recent models were renamed: the memoir became the RL and the Integra was renamed the RSX. Today’s 2012 Acura RSX – Integra – a three door hatchback — continues to offer magnificent great what the modern Integra stood for: luxury, engineering, and value. Let’s win a closer search for at this well-liked seller and what the car means to both the driver and to the company.

Acura RSX Integra

Honda’s introduction of Acura was prior to and done slightly different than Toyota’s introduction of Lexus and Nissan’s roll out of Infiniti. Unlike its Japanese cousins who were introducing pure luxury brands, Honda decided to include “approach luxury” as well as luxury cars in the Acura mix. This marketing draw was Kind of like selling Cadillac’s and Olds mobiles under one name, but without the creation of a third note. Honda’s strategy has paid off as the 2012 Acura RSX – Integra has been a celebrated seller and a nice bridge for Honda loyalists looking for something a bit more refined than the typical Honda, but without the Acura stamp. Truly, a star was born with the Integra and continues to shine with the RSX.

Acura RSX Integra

For driver’s, the RSX offers a gusto not found on the average Honda, giving it plenty of room to be “specially tuned” by the aftermarket crowd. With 17 coast tires, 6 bustle transmissions, and 7 speaker Bose sound systems, the 2012 Acura RSX – Integra has been designed to provide optimal driving fun at an affordable impress. Featuring 2+2 seating, sport styling, and a 201horspower VTEC engine, the four bangers RSX effectively combines performance with fuel efficiency.

Acura RSX Integra
For the Honda Motor Company, the RSX has helped to sustain Acura sales strong. Recently, the company began to market the Acura designate well beyond its North American roots and the RSX [curiously composed called the Integra elsewhere] has led the blueprint. Recently, however, the company has decided to stay the 2012 Acura RSX – Integra to concentrate on further separating the Honda and Acura divisions. Thus, the recent intent of Honda for Acura has been changed and Acura will now be exclusively marketed as a luxury mark.
Acura RSX Integra

For 2012 Acura RSX – Integra lovers all is not lost. Honda will likely sell a similarly equipped Accord while Acura will continue to sell the TSX, a four door upscale version of the RSX. Changing consumer tastes have shown that an advance luxury coupe doesn’t have quite as strong as an appeal as a four door sedan, so the RSX will not be produced after 2006. The Integra/RSX has served Acura and its drivers well; unusual models are distinct to accomplish upon its success as the Acura sign is spread worldwide.

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  1. Hay una gran variedad de modelos y marcas de autos, estoy pensando en alquilar un auto para mi Tour a Punta Cana que adquirí para el próximo mes, saludos